The Crew

The Crew

I was born in 1904 in the vicious tundra of Eastern Russia, where I was raised by a family of beautiful and deadly Irukandji jellyfish. Insistent that I have a better life than they could provide, they shipped me off to the United States where I was to be trained in the art of the video game. The curriculum? Day of the Tentacle, The Fate of Atlantis, Tie Fighter. These Lucasarts masterpieces made me an instant gamer and set me on the path that would define the rest of my life. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the mid-1990s became the 2000′s became today. I leave in my wake a trail of broken discs, outdated consoles, and fried GPUs — and my 1994 self would be thrilled to know that in 2013, I’m a more fanatical gamer than ever.


And in the year 87 and 1900, brought forth from ice and fire, imbued with the power of “The Gamer”, a child was born in the most inconspicuous of cities. Driven to conquer all that stood before him, he accepted every challenge the video game industry could throw at him, demolishing the vast numbers of cartrages, DVDs, UMDs and BluRays that were strewn across his path to greatness. As he grew in size and digital power, he knew that he must create a force for true gaming good. The Game Out Loud Podcast was brought to light with nothing more than sheer Gaming Glory, Goodness, and just a slight hint of Malice (for flavor of course). Together they fight on the side of the consumer, shedding their Gaming Light to all corners of the internet. They have but one sole purpose. To GAME. OUT. LOUD!





Colin received his degree in advanced particle physics from M.I.T. A promising theoretical physicist Colin immediately got a job as a research assistant at the highly saught after Black Mesa. One fateful morning after running late into the lab, as usual, Colin was part of a terrible on the job accident. He inadvertently caused a resonance cascade which allowed a portal to open up and dump hordes of terrifying alien monsters into the facility inciting disaster. After barely making it out of Black Mesa alive, an inter-dimensional being took him away to another dimension.In this other dimension Colin had a plenty of time on his hands and he decided to use that time to play as many video games as possible. When he returned to Earth from this other dimension, having not seen another human for years, he decided to tell everyone about his video game adventures in the loudest way possible. He decided to Game Out Loud!