Episode 186- Oculus Launch Debacle

This week, Rob and Dylan are joined by our friend Ryan Debraal to talk games! Ryan talk Harvest Moon, revisiting Aliens: Colonial Marines, and SOMA, while Rob picks up a Samsung Gear VR and plays DoubleFine’s Day of the Tentacle remaster on the PC. After that, we talk about the “launch” of the Oculus Rift, the future of VR, and touch a bit on the downsides of PC gaming.

Game Out Loud: The video game podcast where Jordan, Rob, and Dylan discuss everything gaming…loudly. From PC games, to console games, to handhelds, and everything else out there, we cover it all with our biting wit, intimidating intelligence, and astounding humility. Follow us at: http://www.gameoutloudpodcast.com & https://twitter.com/#!/GameOutLoudCast


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